Fight In Flight

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Fight In Flight


Fight in Flight - Solo Flute

Listen to Sibelius Rendering here.

“Fight in Flight” is loosely based on Greek Gods who are in a battle for dominance.  The piece has two distinct melodies that interplay and fight with one another. 


One melody, lyrical with great legato moments showing off the beauty of the flute…and the other…fast and chromatic. The melodies interplay with one another, and dominate over the other at various points in the piece.


“Fight in Flight” is both a lyrical piece, as well as a highly technical. Really showcasing the flute and what it can do.  The melodies are at constant battle, until they very end where they both race to the top, and to declare a winner.  Although a lot of the piece allows for freedom in expression, it is important to bring out each element of each melody, even within moving lines and large jumps.


Originally written for a Fraternity Brother, John Rush, this piece has yet to be premiered. John Rush and I are both members of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, and was part of the inspiration for me to go for a Greek theme.  



Techniques Used:


-Double Octaves

-Natural Harmonics


Double octaves, and natural harmonics areheavily used, and may take some practice to get right.  Double octaves are when the same note is played with both the high and the low note sounding. This requires a precise embouchure, and air control.  Natural harmonics are a primary low note that is overblown to make the sounding note (notated above).  These techniques are advanced enough to place this piece to an advanced College or Professional level.  



Low C (below the staff) to fourth octave D.



Recommended for Advanced College or Professional level player.



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