Please be patient as I re-design my website! it may or may not be a surprise to many of you, I am redesigning my website from the ground up.  Changing everything from layout to content.  I have been using iWeb for the last 3 years or so, and I have realized how limited the program actually is for the things I want to do.  I needed room for growth, and I wasn't getting that with iWeb anymore.  Fortunately, there are many options out there now for web development. Especially for people who have no formal training in web development.  I have started doing individual page design.  Expect to have access to more of my music, my blog, and anything I create to be on this page.  There will be places for comments, and a contact page and discussion board so that you can contact me easily and also discuss my music!


I have many ideas for my website, and things that I want to do with it as my business grows and as I continue to grow as an individual.  The support I get from my family, friends, and fans is great and it really motivates me to continue to share the projects that I work on. 


Please feel free to give your thoughts, and I look forward to your return once things are done being redesigned. 


Best always,