Transformation and Awakening is getting performed!!!!



So it begins!!! My composition, Transformation and Awakening, written in 2010 is getting performed in Athens, GA in April.  Ihbflute (Lisa) and I have had a twitter connection now for about a year, possibly longer, and as soon as I announced this piece was complete, she was more than willing to work with me to get it performed. She is teaching it to four of her students and they seem very excited to be working on a piece composed by a composer that is alive.  It has been about 5 years since I have had a piece performed by live performers, and I'm VERY excited about working with Lisa on this and hearing about the progress as the piece gets worked on.  

As the performance updates become available, I will be posting the information here.  Lisa has been very supportive of me and my music, and has become a great contact to have when talking music and the power it has in the world we live in today. If the students are interested, I will be posting information about them here with their majors and goals. I'd like to highlight them as much as I can, to thank them for working on my piece!