Sheet Music Price - ALL $5!

After some thought, I've decided that I'm going to make all of my music for sale $5, regardless of piece. ALL of my music, no matter the piece, will be priced for $5. That means that a chamber music piece will cost the same as an orchestral.  
I've done this for several reasons.
1) Sheet Music has always traditionally been overly expensive

2) The "New Market" of digital content delivery makes overhead for sheet music production much lower.
3) It allows more people to play my music, who may be financially strapped, or unable to afford the small fees for my music. 

4) You get the emotional satisfaction of my music (hopefully!) and you get to help support me to be able to continue to write music now and in the future. Although this is not a tangible benefit, it is important to overall success. 

5) Although there are some extra time commitments to larger works, in terms of producing the score, parts, and final document, there is no extra cost of printing parts (on my end) that would increase the price. 

6) All music, unless otherwise noted, is printable on 8.5 inch x 11 inch paper. This means that you should be able to print it out on any printer without issues, as it was formatted for that paper size.  Larger ensemble music may be on a different paper, depending on the size of the score, but I prefer not to do this, so that it is easily accessible to anyone who would purchase.   


What does the $5 fee pay for?

You receive a digital download of my sheet music. After check out is complete, you will receive an e-mail with payment confirmation, and then an e-mail with the document attached.  This is all done through my store system.  Credit card numbers and checkout information is never stored by me, or my provider, and I don't have access to view it.  The checkout is completely secure, and uses a Third Party service provided by Squarespace.
You receive a personal guarantee that if you don't like my sheet music, that I will be here for your feedback. I recommend that you listen to the music before purchase, as I make everything I have available tied into a recording so you can hear it. This is important for me, so that you can determine if you like the piece, and then want to learn how to play it.  Unfortunately, I do not offer refunds for digital content because once you purchase it, I can not get it back from you 100% (based on the digital medium itself). If you become upset with me because of this policy, I may make a case by case decision, but I hope for this never to occur, if possible. 
 The $5 pays for my time, composition software, software instruments, and any other cost incurred while producing the music.  The $5 also is a nice "Thank You", and honestly makes me feel good when someone pays for my music.  It makes me feel like there is some financial pay off to learning how to compose, composing, and sharing my music.  Although I don't think I could ever truly get back everything I've put into my music, it is nice to know it goes recognized, and that people appreciate it enough to pay for it. The $5 also pays to help insure that I will be able to afford the cost of my website, and the previously mentioned items.  I run a small business, and running a business requires up keep expenses.  This cost will and does contribute to those costs, so that I can continue to bring you new music as it becomes available.  


Thank you, and I appreciate your continued support as my business grows! 



-Kyle Douglas Owen