Abandoned Allies showing at ComedyWorx


On July 17th, I went to a screening for Abandoned Allies in downtown Raleigh at ComedyWorx.  It was an opportunity to see the movie that I have composed for over the last year, and to meet with people and talk with them about the music and the experience.  It was great to be in a room with a lot of friends, and finally be able to discuss some of the experience about working on this movie.

Abandoned Allies has grown by leaps and bounds since the last time I saw it a few months ago.  Camden has been working very hard to finish the film so that she can share it with the people who have been involved over the years, as well as start to show it to people who are interested in the story.  

There was a lot of energy in the crowd, and people were very excited to be able to see Abandoned Allies before it has been completed.  It was a great opportunity for Camden to get feedback from people who haven't been involved in the creative process, and to see how they respond to things that are still in the process of being changed.  It was great to talk with people about the music, and the process of working on an ever changing project.

I was a small part of the Q&A session after the showing, and the main question people asked was how I went about the process of writing for a culture that I am not a part of.  I really wanted to show honor to the Montonguard people with the music.  Camden gave me a CD with some music from the Montonguard people, and I used it as inspiration for music that would show honor to the group of people.  I wanted to make it so it would be pleasing to all audiences, and I hope that I did so buy taking common ideas heard within the music, and translating them to something that we could relate to.

The project still isn't 100% complete, but Camden is working hard on completing it, and getting it out there. As more showings come up, I will let people know, and if I am part of other showings in the future, I will do more posts about it!