I know I haven't posted in awhile, but here is the quick run down of what's going on:


Abandoned Allies is almost complete.  I'm talking post-production here.  Marketing and everything else should be starting right after the film is locked down, and I get the impression this will be soon. Soon-ish is the best I can say otherwise :).  Once things are finally locked, I'll be able to share some of the music that I have created for the film over the last year.  I'm very excited to share with everyone!


Timmy's Preschool Adventure, the game that I composed for, has done very well since launching.  The developer has been very happy with the results, and has asked me on to do another game with him.  Once the announcement is formally made by the developer, I will post some more information here.


School is going well. I'm still part time right now, and intend to go full time in Fall once I'm laid off from my job.  I have been given my final date of June 30th, and now I am just trying to get everything in line so that I can take care of things and truly make the most out of the situation.  I'm trying to secure financing for school, and because my job is being outsourced to the Philippines, I may have financial support from the government due to TAA (Trade Adjustment Assistance).  I haven't gotten a clear answer yet, but hopefully they will be able to help me pay for my first couple years of school so that I can complete a degree.  I've gotten different answers from different people about what can / can't happen, and all I'm trying to do is figure things out so that I can move forward full time in Fall.


Composing otherwise has been going well.  I've been working on a few pieces of chamber music that I will be putting up by the end of the summer, if not before.