All products, including sheet music, renderings, mixes, and "Other" items created by me, are retained by Kyle D. Owen under the terms of the Copyright Act Law of 1976. This is valid for any work created by me within the years 2000 - 2014.   If you'd like to license some of my music for use on a project, please e-mail through the Contact Page, and I will gladly talk to you about licensing opportunities.  I am also available for commissions, commercial work (composition, and flute), sound engineering, and other work. Projects require an agreed upon contract, with terms clearly defined, to determine to rights of those involved, and expectations. This is a necessary part of business management, and the contract type and terms will be based on the project scope, and my individual role within it. I may ask you to sign a contract if we enter into a collaboration together, or a project, and the contract is there to make sure that all parties involved get what they want, and have a clear understanding of expectations and other rights.  

Although I, Kyle D. Owen, my provides my services for free from time-to-time, I, Kyle D. Owen, reserve all Copyright, Performance Rights, and Distribution rights for my work. For work done where contracts are not signed, this is the default policy for work contributed. If I worked on a project, without a written and agreed upon contract, I always retain these rights as an artist, for my work. If I was paid, the music can only be used within the project it was agreed upon, and written for. If the music is removed from the product at any time, at the point of removal, the individual license expires. This means, the moment my music is pulled out of something that is being distributed, it is no longer available for use again within the same project. If you wish to reuse the music, after initial removal, a Licensing and Royalty agreement must be signed. In some cases, the License may be open ended, while others have specific close dates. If I donated the work, I donate it for the use of the project. A contract may or may not be required, depending on the project. Although at this point in my career, 95% of what I do, requires signed contracts.  I retain all rights to share, distribute, perform, and use music I create, regardless of project. 


All music written by me, Kyle D. Owen, also including sheet music, music renderings, and publications are within my personal artist Copyright. Contracts must be signed between parties for these rights to be shared with someone else. If a contract is not produced, I retain all Rights, for all my work. 

                                       I, Kyle D. Owen, retain exclusive Copyright to the following:

           Kyle Douglas Owen                 (2000 - 2014)

           Kyle Douglas Owen
                (2000 - 2014)

  • Sheet Music
  • Music Renderings
  • Photography 
  • Distribution of my music (Audio, Sheet Music, Electronic).
  • Written materials (Music Text, Website Text, Communication)
  • Studio Recordings (recorded/mixed or mastered)
  • Original graphics and design work
  • All music published for sale in store, for purchase. The purchase grants you the right to download and print the music, but not share it with others without granted permission.


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